Monday, February 7, 2011


When God's Light Gets Brighter in our life we can be sure that satan is trying hard to put it out.

I am sure so many of use have experienced this in our walk with the Lord. When ever things in our life are going good, that is when the satan comes in and tries in every way to attack us. He will use anything and anybody to turn us away from the Word of God. He will put negative thoughts in our mind, or send a person to attach us.... he will stop at nothing to keep us away from the Love of God.

Some times at night when I look up at the moon I wonder, is God is looking at it with me. It is so perfect, round, bright white. I know God has to be out there some where, listening to me and watching. He knows my heart and thoughts before I do. He never see's my flesh, he only see's my heart and my spirit. I know I am a sinner and have done so many things wrong in this life that I have to ask God's forgiviness for. Yet, at the same time I am so gratefull for all I have and all that I am. I have so many blessing in my life and so many wonderful friends and family. Everyday I thank him for all my blessings.

God put on my heart today to start a Card Ministry, so every day for 365 days I am going to be sending notes to people offering blessings, prays, encourgment, thank you's and love. I will list each week the names of the people on my list and for each name you see I ask you say a prayer for that person and see how that seed of pray for someone you might not even know will sow grace in your life.

Love and Light

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