Sunday, January 31, 2010


Take a minute today and answer the following questions. Through these simple questions God will start creating change in your life.

If you could be a color, what color would you be?

If you could be a season, what season would you be?

If you could change one thing in this world, what would you change?

If you could share God's word with one that you love, what would you share?

If you could sit and have a conversation with God, what would you say?

 If you could be of service to God today, what service would you do?

 If you could tell the world about God's love for you, what would you say?

If you could write a thank you letter to God for giving his only begotten son so your sins could be forgiven, what would you write?

 If God asked you to help him save one person in this life, would you do it?

 If you could ask one person to come to Church with you, who would it be?

Proverb's says:  " If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you been getting."

So to create change we have to do something different.

When you are done could you send me a comment and share with me your feelings about answering the questions. Good, bad or indifferent.....

God Be With You Always

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Brandon Harper, my buddy

Brandon is always at the door of the Church to welcome people, gives hugs and always askes how you are doing. It is so welcoming to have a loving and kind young man greate you in that manner. 

 David at age 14 is taking over the duties of the Church newsletter. He is working on the new web page for the Church and is in the Servent Leader training program. Debbie is now taking on the secretarial duties for the Church and is on the Praise team. She always has such a beautiful smile and kind words for everyone.

The Lord called 9 of our memebers home in the last 4 months of 2009, which has changed many things for us and is opening new doors.

Our Church is going through so many Changes right now that you know the Lord has to be leading the way.  In the Lord's word he tells us that he will always open a new door when an old one is closed. Our Church is in the process of opeing so many new doors that it is a exciting time for us.  We will be singing new songs, starting new projects, welcoming new members and looing forward to sharing the word of God with the world.

We are now praying that God will bring us a new music director and anyone that loves to Praise the Lord through songs and music. If that is you and God is speaking to your heart, we will be waiting to welcome you with open and loving arms.

We welcome everyone, come as you, come as who you are, we love everyone and love sharing the word of the Lord.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The Lord has a some of his lambs in his arms, holding them, loving them, caring for them.  Others he is waiting to pick up and hold. Which are you? In his arms or waiting?

We are nothing without the Lord in our lives but lost lambs of God. I know for years I myself have felt I was doing fine and did not need anyone else, yet all the time knowing something was missing so deep in side of me.  It was such a emptyness that nothing I did nor anyone in my life has been able to fill. Now that God is calling me into his kingdom to be of service I can feel that emptiness being filled with love and connection to God part of me. 

I had a dream last night of Jesus. It seemed so real that I woke up with such a peacefulness in my soul.  It is hard to explain it other than it's such a peaceful feeling and I accept the calling. In the dream I seen me talking a sharing the word of God with a large group of people. We were laughing and sharing so much about each other. I turned when someone called my name and it was Jesus, as our eyes met he disappeared. I felt so at peace.

I had another dream of Jesus right after I moved to Saginaw.  In the dream I was standing at a river, high up on a bank in the middle of a pouring rain. I seen a old pick-up coming across the river on a old wood bridge, the river was so high and moving so fast I knew they would never make it, but I could not stop them. The truck was washed into the river and I could see the young boy and old man inside and the boy was looking at me and he wrote on the window for me see, the words.....  Help. I could do nothing but watch and was crying so hard. I watched as the truck went under the water and I walked to the edge of the river to look down into the rushing water. As I did the water dried up and I could see dead people laying on the bottom and a man that was knelt beside one of them, at the same time a light came out of the sky and I looked to see what it was and it was a huge angel the size of mountain dress in a deep green robe decending downward, his foot was shaped like a hook.  He came down, hooked onto the truck and put it up on shore. I looked back at the man that was knelt down and I realized he was bringing people back to life and with that thought he turned and looked up at me and as our eyes connected, he smiled, I woke up. It was like being in a movie. I have never forgot the dream and it is now starting to make since to me. What a Blessing

I have spent this week praying so hard for our Church, the Pastor, and the members. Last night in the PEP group meeting I could feel the presents of the Lord and felt the light and love he has for each of us. It is a strong group with people that are going to be able to move mountains for this Church.

Keep praying for our empty chairs at the meeting and pray a hundred times a day for the empty pews.

God Bless all of you who is reading this and sharing your prayers with me.

Please pray for everyone on my prayer list and if you have someone you would like me to put on it leave the name and what they need pray for on the comments  at the bottom of the blog.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Pastor Van and the Praise Team including the Kids Corner Children

I have not written anything for a couple of days because I am not sure what I am feeling about the Church. I never question God in my life but I do question everything else. Being a business person and having a business mind I tend to look at everything from that angle. When I look at the Church I attend I see the business problems and that overides my being able to just feel the Lord when I am sitting in the pew. I am praying hard for the Church to increase it's membership as the Pastor asked us to do on Suday. What my business mind is saying..... location, location, location.... when you sit in the middle of a poor area it's hard to squeeze needing, caring, sharing and giving out of it. If the Church is to be of service to the people, what do the people need? and how can it be in servie to the Lord and lead them to him at the same time? How do you have God's house sitting in the middle of negativitie and let the light of the Church shine so bright that people are drawn to it???  That is the question. That is what I am praying God can answer for me.

Anyone that knows me, knows I have a huge problem with organized religeon, so if God has lead me through the doors of this Church he has to have a purpose for me and the Church. Pray for me.

God has also put in my heart to stay in Saginaw for a little longer and not move to Harrison right away.... there has to be a huge reason for that because he knows I have never wanted to be in Saginaw and now he is keeping me here a little longer. I have accepted all of this and trust he is leading me to be of service to him here.

The Church has such wonderful and loving people that belong to it and I am sure are as willing to do what it takes to keep the doors open. I guess this is where we are walking through the Shadow in the Valley and have to faith that God will lead us through it.

Praise to the Lord

Saturday, January 23, 2010



The verse that is in the center of the Bible is Psalm 118:8 (NKJV)
" It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."

The chaper that is in the center of the Bible is Psalm 118
The shortest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 117
The longest chapter in the Bible is Psalm 119

There are 594 chapers before Psalm 118
There are 594 chapters after Psalm 118
Added together and you get 1188

I read this on the web and wanted to share it will all of you because to me it was so interesting to know this about God's word.

Friday, January 22, 2010


What are light-bearers

They are you and I, all of God's children.
Even though the world today is full of pain and bitterness, it is no different than the times in the old testament.  God tried so hard to help the people then also and it got so bad that he had to wipe it out and start over. He was willing to give his only son to save us this time. I know some of you say you could never do that, but think about it...  if you had to give your own life to save your child... you would do it. God loves us soooo much that he was willing to give his only son to save us.... his children.

He sent us here as light-bearers of his word, to shine or light and share it with the world. We hear on a daily bases the bad news on the TV, we ask oursleves if we as Christians can do anything is such an environment.  Not unless we can truly understand the needs of people that are hurting and need God in their life. We deal in a world that has taught us to not trust anything or anybody so people are fearful in everyway. BUT... as Christians God gave us his light to let it shine. Remember, when you are around other people that your God-Light either makes the other persons God-Light.. brighther.. or it makes his satan-darkness... darker....  As God's Light-Bearers we are always at battle with satan.

God could have used angels or miracles or other means to give his message.  Instead he chose us.... eveyday people facing everyday problems from day to day. He wants us to share his message that there is hope beyond todays problems and frustrations.
As he helped Jeremiah (Lam. 3:1-18) he will help us.  We to can let the world know he is the Light of the World and we are called to bring His light into this dark world (Matt. 5:14-16; John 1:4-5; 1 John 1:5).

Most of all.... don't judge. Satan is going to use everyone and everything to keep us from God. He will use all of our loved ones through drugs, haterd, alcohol, bitterness, jealousy.. what ever he can use. So... when you look in the face and eyes of those people, remember it is satan using your loved one to keep your God-Light away. Pray, Pray, Pray for them.

Love Lights the Way

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have to share this with you tonight because this is how fast God can answer a pray and let you know you are on his path.

When I sat down last night to write my blog, I bowed my head in pray and ask God if I should keep going with this, is any out there even reading these things or am I just sharing them with him. I asked him to let me know if I should keep going forward with this and to let me know in a way that I would know for sure the answer was from him and they were really touching someones life.

Let me tell you all.... it can across loud and clear when I checked my email last night when I was done and I had received a email from my Uncle Bruce. He wrote to tell me that he has been reading my blog since I sent him the url in a chritmas card and he was happy to hear that I was working for God's Kingdom. He also asked for my phone number so he can call and talk with me, which was a answer to an earlier prayer because I had ask God before to give me the oppertunity to sit and talk with my uncle. My Uncle Bruce is a Pastor from Interlochen and I know no matter what question I ask him he will be straight with me because he knows me and my personality. He is my uncle on my dads side. I was not around most of my dads side of the family much when I was growing up, other than Uncle Bruce because he always made it a point to show up at different times in my life and always shared from his heart.

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Judy came to the Lord on a rough journey of their own and I watched what they went through. Once he accepted the Lord into his heart and life he has always been true to what he believes and has never been afaird to show it or share it with others and I have always had such deep respect for that. And when I grow up I want to be just like him :).

Thank you God for my Uncle Bruce.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I came across this picture on the internet last night and I started wondering if there are any families that actually sit down like this together for dinner.

I know when I was a kid growing up it never happened in my house. The only time we got together at a table was when we had a lot of family together, I mean like 4 or 5 famlies that had 6 kids each. With that many in the house, only the adults got to set at the table, the kids either sat on the floor and ate standing up. One thing adults never did with the kids was talk with them, they were either yelling at us or would talk at us, but never talked with us..... 

Now when I grew up and had my two sons, we ate at the table a lot when they were young, we even had a lot of candle light dinners. As they got older we were in front on the tv. Even though we did not sit around the table and eat together we still spent a lot of time talking with each other. We had a lot of great conversations about everything and every topic. I was the kind of mom that was not shy about talking with my sons about life. I can not even imagine people not talking with the kids.

When I was young I used to just sit and listen to the adults talk, of course all I had to judge the world by was my family. I always knew the way they seen things in life was not correct but it was not until I was older that I could understand they were doing the very best they knew how to do with the limited knowledge they had. Back then most of them only went through school to the 6th grade because they needed to help work the farm. Every thing they knew came from the people around them within a few miles. Because of coming through the great depression and the wars, they were a fearfull bunch of people. They were not church goers at all and thought the ones that did go to church were crazy for believeing in something they could not see. And those same people were the ones that taught me how to believe in the spirit world.....  I know it all sounds a little crazy....  when I look back at all of them I have to love the people they were. We had a lot of bad times and we had a lot of good times. Even through all the craziness they were still all there for each other no matter what. That is....  when they were not trying to beat each other up, steal from one another or lieing about one another....  what a wonderful life it was...  :)  God Bless everyone of them, because I learned so much from them.  Most of them are gone now, but will always be in my heart.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Say a prayer for the whole world tonight.
God is with each and everyone of us even when we don't feel him.

I think so many of us are still trying to find out where we belong in the big sceam of things. This is such a fast paced world now that some of don't have the patience to take the time to listen for God to Speak to us. How many of us really take the time to sit in stillness and talk to God and listen for what he says to us. How can he ever get to our hearts if we don't take time to listen? Nothing has a quick fix to it, only on the movies.  It seems to take a life time for us to get why we are really here in the first place.

The bottom line is   IT'S ALL ABOUT GOD

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Always remember -  we are all God's Children.
No matter who we are.
Or where we come from.
Who we love.
How we share.
Who we share with.
God is Love.
My love may look, feel or seem different to you but it is MY love for God.
We are all made by God, from God, in his image...
my image may be different than yours..
but to God I am special..
because of who I am...
how I look,
how I speak,
how I act,
how I share,
how I worship him.
God only made one of me,
one of you,
each speacial to him....
God is everywhere, in everyone, everything, in every breath, in the wind, in the rain, in the sun, the moon and the stars.
He made us in his likeness to be like him.
He knows our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, loves, sins, desires, needs, wants and most of all our HEART's.
So much so that he gave his only son so that we may be free of our sins and have everlasting life.



Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Our congregation is in the need and desire of a music director, musicians, singers for a chior.

We are a multi-racial congregation wanting to reflect that in our worship service's.

We would love to welcome all of you to our Church and share our love and prasies to God.

First Church of God
1834 North Charles Street
Saginaw, MI 48602

Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

This is such a wonderful little Church in the city and has such warm and loving people that attend, non of which are trying to impress or out do the other.  They are just in the house of God to worship and fellowship with other servants of the Lord. They welcome you with open arms, hand shakes, warm hello's and loving hearts and eyes.

Come join us and share our praise's for our loving God.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Sunday was a special worship day at our Church.  Joanne Leach who has been the music director at the Church for 68 years has now retired along with Carol Spann who has been the secretary for 50 years. We had special worship service and dinner for them.  Joanne's daughter Shelley Harris and her husband Phil came in form Indiana to suprise her.  They gave a wonderful worship and concert service that moved every member of the Church. They are all such a blessing from God.  Shelley grew up in this Church so she will be coming back home often, God willing.  She is such a breath of fresh air and a child of God that the Church is bathed in the light of God when she sings his praises.

Following the worship service we had a potluck lunch for the ladies and was able to share stories and blessings. They will still be attending the Church, but will be able to enjoy it at a slower pace. 

Now all the changes will be taking place that Pastor Van has been talking about.  We will now be doing the service with CD's and DVD's and the hymns will be on the overhead projection.  The Church is a multi-racial congregation and wants to reflect that in the worship service.  In other words we need to include everyone when it comes to music from the old hymns to the newer and more upbeat sounds of God's music for todays younger generation.  With God's blessing someday soon it would be wonderful to have a Church chior and live music again.  Through Prayer and Faith I believe that will happen soon. Eveything happens by FAITH.

We are blessed to have Dan, another member of the Church who has a music background and is thinking about blessing the people of the Church with a song on the piano one Sunday when he is ready.  I will be praying for him to share his talent with us.

To all the members of the Church.  I have only been blessed to be with all of you since this past fall. I have watched how hard Pastor Van has been trying to prepare for the changes of this congregation. It is a small group but it only takes one to change any course. He needs everyone's help to keep this Church going and growing, so if you are reading this I ask that you bring just one new person to Church with you this year. 


EveryONE needs God

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am praying tonight for God to come into the First Church of God here in Saginaw Michigan and help his servants enlarge the boundries of the worship service. To allow it's members to reach out and touch other people that are needing God in their lives. Pastor Van is working hard to lead people to the Lord but he needs help form the members of the Church.  The pews need to be full.

God Bless All of Us

Friday, January 8, 2010


I was gently wakend this morning at 4:00 am with what I thought was the sound of a lawn mower. Not quite awake yet this picture came into my mind of my flowers that were just off the edge of my patio in Harrison. I could smell them and see the bright colors in my mind. As this was drifiting through my mind and I was listening to the lawn mower, I started to wake up and get out of bed, I realized I was dreaming but could still hear the noise. I looked out the window into the dark and it was the man across the street blowing the snow out of his drive way with a snow blower. Dang It!  Since I was awake I just went ahead and got up, had coffee and more coffee and a little more coffee....  by now it is 6:00 am and I figured what the heck I might as well go ahead and get dressed and go out and snow blow my own driveway...  While I was bundled up like a eskimo with snow blowing in my face, I started thinking about this picture again and how pretty all my flowers and plants were and how green the grass was at the farm and it made my heart warm. I would get up early in the morning and sit on the front porch, have coffe, and more coffee, and a little more coffee... and read my Bible.  Every moring for about a month one summer a man would go by in his horse and buggy (not amish).  I liked listening to the sounds of the horses hoofs clopping on the road. I thanked God for letting me have the time that I did at the farm and for all the friends that gatherd together for so many events while we lived there.  What a blessing. I give Praise to the Lord for it.


Thursday, January 7, 2010


I attended the funeral of my cousin Cindy's husband Barry today. She did a slid show presentation of his life.  As I sat and looked at all the pictures, the reality of how fast a persons life goes by was so surreal....  all the pictures of him as a child, to graduation, marriage, two children, their child hood, graduations, marriages, and grandkids. How fast time passes and the cycle just repeats itself over and over.  His grandson is only a year and a half old and one of Barry's biggest regrets was that he was not going to get the chance to teach Eli how to hunt and fish. Barry owned his own sports store in Gladwin and went on 19 hunts through the years, which I never knew. My prayers tonight are for his family, that they are able to move forward and finish life without him and that they find Peace.

Tonight I am looking back over my life, my family and all that has gone on.  Like all of you, I have good things and bad things but no matter what has happened I can not go backwards, not even for a second so the only thing that matters now is what will happen in the next minute, day, week, year.  I give Praise to God that I have found the Church I have and the Church family I now have. I knew when I made the dicision to attend Church God had a plan for me and something he needs me to do for him and I am a willing servent of the Lord.

When it is my time to go home with the Lord I pray my slide show presentation will be a wonderful as his.

Amen ......  Halleluiah  .....   Praise the Lord  ..... AMEN

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay.... here is what I am thinking today about our little Church that sits among so many people in the middle of the city.  We really have to get people in our Church that can sing their hearts out.... really loud so that all the people in the area can hear them praising the Lord.  Maybe it could be outside in the spring, or just open the doors and window so people can hear. I know a band here in Saginaw that my son used to be in that might just be able to do the trick.  They have not done Gospel music but they are all good guys and would do it if I asked them.  I feed them for a long time when they were growing teenagers..... what do you think? 

 We need young people to bring new life into the Church and to bring more young people. The youth of today are so smart and have so much to offer if they can show their creative side.  I have a artistic side to me and I love being around artistic people because their minds work on a different wave link than ours. They tap into a part of the universe that others know nothing about. My son, the one that was in the band, went to the arts and science school in Saginaw when in was in high school and could have went on to the Detroit Art Inst. but he had other ideas for his life.  I guess he is still using the artistic side of himself  because he is the web page designer for Morley Travel here in Saginaw and he can do amazing things with web pages. 

Any way.... it's something to think about.

Keep praying for people to fill the pew's

Monday, January 4, 2010


It has been a while since I have read anything in the Bible and I asked myself why today.  I really could not come up with a answer as to why. I guess it is because I am not feeling it right now. I was listening to a speaker on the Christian channel this morning, he was talking about God, how his life changed one day when he stopped drinking and accepted God, his life then went in another direction. It made me wonder if that will ever happen to me. I have and always will believe in God and will continue to pray for guidence and for God to use me for service to him.  I guess i'm just not feeling it.....  

I was also thinking about the Church again today, and I know I want to belong to a Church that is so involved with people that it is busy every day in some way in service to God and People. And I am asking God to show me what I can to do to help this Church fill it's pew's with people that need him in their lives. 

I don't feel I have the right to become to involved with the workings of the Church because I know I will be moving on this year, which makes me sad in some ways because I wish I would have found it sooner. I just ask God to let me do what I can while I am in attendence.

I will continue to pray for answers, for the Church, for the people in the Church, for myself, and for the empty pew's.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today in Church, Pastor Van spoke of new changes in the Church. As I sat and listend I wondered just how this little Church in Saginaw Michigan is ever going to survive. No matter how much we pray for what we want it still takes money to make the world go round for us in human form.  And sometimes God does not answer our prayers fast enough. Or maybe we were not listening when he tried talking with us sooner. I know evreything happens for a reason, and I just pray that God did not lead me to this Church to watch it pass away.

I am such a outgoing person and I know how much people need to belong and to something that needs them and how hungry they are for someone to just listen. When I had my consignment store here in Saginaw I did more counseling for people then anything eles.  I think they came in for the kindness and just bought something while they were there. If the Church could just find a way to fill the void that people have inside of them. I believe  people do want to fellowship but just do not want to belong to a Church, I don't think they have lost the faith in God, they have just lost the faith in mankind. And trust is such a big issue and being judged for who they are.

I know with my friends they know no matter what they do in life, good or bad, I will always love them and not judge them. We are all human and make so many mistakes and I am at the top of the list for mistakes. And we all need to feel the same way about God.  All the people I know believes in God they just don't believe in Churches.  It is amazing how we don't want the people in the Churches to judge us but we are judging them. It's a visious cycle.

People need to be a part of something, something they help create, something they give birth to, something they can love, something they can make grow, nurture and keep safe..... something they proud enough to share with the whole world..  so we just need to findout what that something is...

Let us pray that God shows us that SOMETHING...