Monday, November 22, 2010



When I think of Thanksgiving, this is what I think of. I think of the way we came to this new world and instead of sharing with the Indian people that were already here, we killed them and took their land. That is the real thanksgiving story. And we can still call what we did as being Godly...  it's not about food and family, it was all about sharing with the Indians that we did not kill off. They are the ones that taught us how to survive here in this land. AND think of the way we still treat them today. We really should be asking for forgiveness from them for what our ancesters before us did  to them and what we are still doing. But once again we make this holiday all about us and what we want. We really are greedy people and should be in prayer everyday for what we have done to other people and most of it in the name of God. WE ARE ALL GOD'S PEOPLE.

I know at thanksgiving dinner I will be praying for the native american indians of the past, present and future.  AND for God's forgiveness. I pray you do the same.