Tuesday, August 3, 2010



Each and every morning God gives us the chance to do it all over again. The chance to bring him closer to us, to open our hearts to him. No one can make the coneciton to God for us, not your parents, not your pastor, not your family.... not one but you. When the bilble talks about... only God knows our heart and soul, he is telling you that no matter who you talk to other than him, it won't make a difference because only he knows your heart and spirit. That is what a spiritual connection is, a direct connect to the spirit of God our creator. Church and other groups are only a coming together of souls for fleshley reasons, needs and wants. It will never matter what church you attend, the money you have or the material items you aquire here on earth because when you take your last breath, are any of those things with you? no, because the connection is only between you and God. God has told us throughout the bible that none of that matters to him, not even our flesh...... only our spiritual conneciton to him.

Take the time to get right with God in your spiritual connection because no matter what you think or feel, only God can make a difference in your life here on earth if you open your heart and let him in. He is the only one that knows all of your thoughts and feelings even if you don't speak them. NO person here on the earth can make that conneciton for you, no money here on this earth can buy it for you.... the only way you get it is to ask God to come into your heart ane be a part of your every day life and to show you what you need to be closer to him......

The other alternative is Satan....  if God is not in your heart.... then Satan is.... so which shall it be for you??????? 

No matter what your life is or what you have done, God is a loving and forgiving God, all you have to do is ask for his forgivness and let him into your heart so he can be with you, help you and guide you in this life on earth and into the next one.

I promise when you do this, your life will change in so many ways and he will give you blessings your never knew you could have.

So, when the sun comes up in the morning, take it to the Lord God in prayer and start your spiritual life with God.

May God bless each and everyone of you on your spiritual journey with God.

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