Thursday, August 5, 2010



In the winter, trees reach
Up to touch the sky.
Without their leaves,
The trees look like hands
And fingers stretching up
So, so, so high.
And if you look at the
Tallest tree in our backyard,
You can see that it is
So, so, so close to Heaven.
Perhaps we could go out
And climb
Up the tree,
Up the hand,
Up the fingers,
And into the sky.
Then, we could just step
Through the clouds,
... And into Heaven.

January 1996

This peom was written by Mattie Stepanek and can be found in his book   Journey through Heartsongs...  he was on this earth for such a short time but he was truly sent by God to share his peoms.... 

If you could write a poem of your life here on earth, what it it say?

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