Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi everyone.
This is heavy on my mind today so I am going to share it with all of you. So much is being talked about on TV on the new health care plan. In my heart and mind it's not the health care plan you need to be concerned about, it's all the other issues that come along with it.  We as american's will never again know life as we had it. This one plan is going to change our whole world in more ways that most americans can even imagine or understand. I believe this is the beginning of the end for us as the bible talks about. From this one thing the government will be able to take more control over us than we know. When you start pitting the rich against the poor the issues are going to be deadly. The rich are not going to just sit by and give up the money they have made off the poor people. No way are they going to agree to being taxed and giving it back and that is what this plan is going to do. Now you have the rich against the poor and then all the hate groups are going to jump on it.... that will cause rioting and killing.... that is going to allow the government to come in and try and contol us.... which will bring in marshall law... which will bring concentration camps... and more control....  do u see where this is leading???  Just read your bible and it tells all about the end times... it is starting.  When the bible tells that in the end when you have to flee, not to look back or take anything, just go....  where will you go and how will you survive? If you believe in God's Word.. u will start thinking about all of this.....  

Share your thoughts and feelings with me.....


  1. I agree that things are bad and getting worse, and this can lead to the end-time events prophecied in the Bible.

    One of the bad things about this health care bill is that it can increase the government deficit and government debt and slow down the economy in a way that can bring about an economic collapse at the worst and a general weaking of our country at the least. As I point out in my website on the United States and the world in prophecy, the United States is being weakened even as we are declining in morality and moving farther and farther from the God of the Bible. We are being set up for a prophesied punishment for our sins.

  2. When you worry, you are predicting the future. You are saying, "I know that things will turn out badly." But this just isn’t the case. You have no idea how the future is going to turn out, except to say that it will not be what you think it will be. So why worry? Why waste your energy doing something that gets you nowhere.
    You cannot control the whole world. Things happen that are truly outside our circle of influence, and so we need to relax and accept that sometimes things just happen as they will. This is part of life, and worry will not change it one little bit.