Friday, February 5, 2010


Which one will it be? 
Which choice will you make?

Satan never fears the Christian whose Bible is covered with dust.

Does God seem far away? Guess who moved?

Psalm 96:13
Before the LORD, for He is coming;
For He is coming to judge the earth.
He will judge the world in righteousness,
And the peoples in His faithfulness.

I must say that it has taken me a long time to finally listen the what the Lord is trying to tell me. I have always heard him talking to me in many different ways, but would not take the time to listen.  Now that I have opened my heart and let him in, he is changing my life. I am so grateful that he sent Pastor Van to help me open my heart. His kindness and sharing of God's word has been very comforting to me. I know I am a very hard headed and stubborn person. Pehaps that is how I thought I needed to be in able to make it in life. I really never knew that God was waiting to help me. I always knew God was with me, I just did not know how to let him in or how to ask him to guide me. I thought I was doing fine on my own. Once I sat down and really looked at my life I had to admit that was not true at all.

It is very true that we only have one of two choices in every decision me make in life.  Right or wrong, good or bad, happy or sad, negative or positive..........  God or Satan. That choice sets everything else in your life. The whole world can look at us and see which choice you have made.  Just because you say you are a Christian does not mean you are truly following the right path. God has to be first in your life. First before every person in your life and first before every thing in your life. If we could only get how easy this is. I know I have a lot of issues to work on in my life and a lot of things to change but I know God will help me, he will never leave me and will never forsake me.

All of this has made me think about my little Church today. Even though it is struggling right now, I truly believe that God will bring us through the darkness. Satan can try all he wants to take it down but God is always greater than Satan and will lead us through the Valley to the light on the other side. I know God is going to bring everything one and everything the Church needs.

I would also like to thank my uncle Bruce for taking the time today to call and talk with me. What a blessing he is in my life also. Once again God used him to answer a pray I had last night. I asked God to let me know if my writting this blog was really helping anyone and if I should keep going with it because at times I feel like I am just babbling and hope it really touches someones heart. Thank you Lord for using my uncle.

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