Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was thinking about butterflies the other day, how God made us kinda like them. We to start out in a cacoon and enter the world as a caterpiller and through the grace of God we can become a beautiful butterfly. If you were to become a butterfly, what color would you be and where would you live, what flowers would you land on.  As a butterfly your whole world would be nothing but color and you are only born during the warm time of the year. How nice.

I think I must be ready for spring to come.

Alvin is home and doing good, he is tired a lot but it will take time for him to get back to his normal self. I know he is not feeling good when he lets me get food for him. He is just grateful that he is finally through the worst of it all.

Thank each and everyone of you for all the prayers, I know God had to be busy listening to all of them. He had three churches full of people praying for him, his family and friends.  What a blessing. While all of you were praying for him, I was praying for you and giving thanks that so many of you care and would take the time to pray.

While Alvin was in the hospital he had a lot of family and friends come to visit but one lady stands out in my mind and heart so I know God put her there for a reason. She is a little tiny black lady that came here from New Orleans after the Katrina hurrican when they were bussing people to different parts of the states and she has never went back. She came to visit Alvin because she heard from his brother Willie that he was in the hospital. They have kinda adopted her and she calls them uncle. She of course is a person from the streets and uses drugs but what a loving person. We sat in the hallway of the hospital one night visiting with her. As she talked with Alvin, I just sat and listend and looked into her eyes, which are the window's to the soul and all I could see was God. She was telling us how she was listening to the radio and she heard God talking to her. She said it was a life channel. I asked her if it was The Family Life Radio station and she excitedley said... yes thats it....  and she had been listening to it for 3 days and God was saying things that she needed to hear. Our eyes met and I said to her, no matter what anyone else thinks we are all a child of God and God is a part of each and everyone of us. She started to cry and told me how people judge her because of the way she looks, but that she is really and good person and loves everyone, why do they have to judge her when they don't even know her... my heart was bleeding for her. I told her no matter what anyone else thinks, it only matters what God thinks and that he loves her as much as he loves me or Alvin and any of his children. She smiled and said she really liked me and told Alvin how nice I was and that she just loves everyone.

What came to my mind as I was looking at her and listening to her was that if Jesus or God came to earth again, he would look just like her because her love and compassion for others is so true and deep.

She had go give Alvin and I lots of hugs and tell us how much she loved us before she left. She has been in my heart and prayers every day since them. Something about her touched something so deep inside of me, she will forever be a part of me.

I asked Alvin about her when she was gone. He said her name is Brenda and she came her on the bus and just never wanted to go back. He said she is a really good person and is book smart but something happend in her life that took her into the streets. Everyone around Willie's place has just kinda adopeted her and watches out for her. She has her own place and money but he has seen her on the streets at all times of the day and night. I can hear the tenderness and compassion in Alvin's voice when he speaks of her.

So every day I will say a prayer for her and I would love it if you would also. I will try and get a picture of her so you can see what I see.

Thanks for listening to me and letting me share her with all of you.

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