Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today in Church, Pastor Van spoke of new changes in the Church. As I sat and listend I wondered just how this little Church in Saginaw Michigan is ever going to survive. No matter how much we pray for what we want it still takes money to make the world go round for us in human form.  And sometimes God does not answer our prayers fast enough. Or maybe we were not listening when he tried talking with us sooner. I know evreything happens for a reason, and I just pray that God did not lead me to this Church to watch it pass away.

I am such a outgoing person and I know how much people need to belong and to something that needs them and how hungry they are for someone to just listen. When I had my consignment store here in Saginaw I did more counseling for people then anything eles.  I think they came in for the kindness and just bought something while they were there. If the Church could just find a way to fill the void that people have inside of them. I believe  people do want to fellowship but just do not want to belong to a Church, I don't think they have lost the faith in God, they have just lost the faith in mankind. And trust is such a big issue and being judged for who they are.

I know with my friends they know no matter what they do in life, good or bad, I will always love them and not judge them. We are all human and make so many mistakes and I am at the top of the list for mistakes. And we all need to feel the same way about God.  All the people I know believes in God they just don't believe in Churches.  It is amazing how we don't want the people in the Churches to judge us but we are judging them. It's a visious cycle.

People need to be a part of something, something they help create, something they give birth to, something they can love, something they can make grow, nurture and keep safe..... something they proud enough to share with the whole world..  so we just need to findout what that something is...

Let us pray that God shows us that SOMETHING...


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