Monday, January 11, 2010


Sunday was a special worship day at our Church.  Joanne Leach who has been the music director at the Church for 68 years has now retired along with Carol Spann who has been the secretary for 50 years. We had special worship service and dinner for them.  Joanne's daughter Shelley Harris and her husband Phil came in form Indiana to suprise her.  They gave a wonderful worship and concert service that moved every member of the Church. They are all such a blessing from God.  Shelley grew up in this Church so she will be coming back home often, God willing.  She is such a breath of fresh air and a child of God that the Church is bathed in the light of God when she sings his praises.

Following the worship service we had a potluck lunch for the ladies and was able to share stories and blessings. They will still be attending the Church, but will be able to enjoy it at a slower pace. 

Now all the changes will be taking place that Pastor Van has been talking about.  We will now be doing the service with CD's and DVD's and the hymns will be on the overhead projection.  The Church is a multi-racial congregation and wants to reflect that in the worship service.  In other words we need to include everyone when it comes to music from the old hymns to the newer and more upbeat sounds of God's music for todays younger generation.  With God's blessing someday soon it would be wonderful to have a Church chior and live music again.  Through Prayer and Faith I believe that will happen soon. Eveything happens by FAITH.

We are blessed to have Dan, another member of the Church who has a music background and is thinking about blessing the people of the Church with a song on the piano one Sunday when he is ready.  I will be praying for him to share his talent with us.

To all the members of the Church.  I have only been blessed to be with all of you since this past fall. I have watched how hard Pastor Van has been trying to prepare for the changes of this congregation. It is a small group but it only takes one to change any course. He needs everyone's help to keep this Church going and growing, so if you are reading this I ask that you bring just one new person to Church with you this year. 


EveryONE needs God

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