Saturday, January 30, 2010


Brandon Harper, my buddy

Brandon is always at the door of the Church to welcome people, gives hugs and always askes how you are doing. It is so welcoming to have a loving and kind young man greate you in that manner. 

 David at age 14 is taking over the duties of the Church newsletter. He is working on the new web page for the Church and is in the Servent Leader training program. Debbie is now taking on the secretarial duties for the Church and is on the Praise team. She always has such a beautiful smile and kind words for everyone.

The Lord called 9 of our memebers home in the last 4 months of 2009, which has changed many things for us and is opening new doors.

Our Church is going through so many Changes right now that you know the Lord has to be leading the way.  In the Lord's word he tells us that he will always open a new door when an old one is closed. Our Church is in the process of opeing so many new doors that it is a exciting time for us.  We will be singing new songs, starting new projects, welcoming new members and looing forward to sharing the word of God with the world.

We are now praying that God will bring us a new music director and anyone that loves to Praise the Lord through songs and music. If that is you and God is speaking to your heart, we will be waiting to welcome you with open and loving arms.

We welcome everyone, come as you, come as who you are, we love everyone and love sharing the word of the Lord.


  1. Thanks for telling people about OUR church. We all love you Betty

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.