Thursday, January 28, 2010


The Lord has a some of his lambs in his arms, holding them, loving them, caring for them.  Others he is waiting to pick up and hold. Which are you? In his arms or waiting?

We are nothing without the Lord in our lives but lost lambs of God. I know for years I myself have felt I was doing fine and did not need anyone else, yet all the time knowing something was missing so deep in side of me.  It was such a emptyness that nothing I did nor anyone in my life has been able to fill. Now that God is calling me into his kingdom to be of service I can feel that emptiness being filled with love and connection to God part of me. 

I had a dream last night of Jesus. It seemed so real that I woke up with such a peacefulness in my soul.  It is hard to explain it other than it's such a peaceful feeling and I accept the calling. In the dream I seen me talking a sharing the word of God with a large group of people. We were laughing and sharing so much about each other. I turned when someone called my name and it was Jesus, as our eyes met he disappeared. I felt so at peace.

I had another dream of Jesus right after I moved to Saginaw.  In the dream I was standing at a river, high up on a bank in the middle of a pouring rain. I seen a old pick-up coming across the river on a old wood bridge, the river was so high and moving so fast I knew they would never make it, but I could not stop them. The truck was washed into the river and I could see the young boy and old man inside and the boy was looking at me and he wrote on the window for me see, the words.....  Help. I could do nothing but watch and was crying so hard. I watched as the truck went under the water and I walked to the edge of the river to look down into the rushing water. As I did the water dried up and I could see dead people laying on the bottom and a man that was knelt beside one of them, at the same time a light came out of the sky and I looked to see what it was and it was a huge angel the size of mountain dress in a deep green robe decending downward, his foot was shaped like a hook.  He came down, hooked onto the truck and put it up on shore. I looked back at the man that was knelt down and I realized he was bringing people back to life and with that thought he turned and looked up at me and as our eyes connected, he smiled, I woke up. It was like being in a movie. I have never forgot the dream and it is now starting to make since to me. What a Blessing

I have spent this week praying so hard for our Church, the Pastor, and the members. Last night in the PEP group meeting I could feel the presents of the Lord and felt the light and love he has for each of us. It is a strong group with people that are going to be able to move mountains for this Church.

Keep praying for our empty chairs at the meeting and pray a hundred times a day for the empty pews.

God Bless all of you who is reading this and sharing your prayers with me.

Please pray for everyone on my prayer list and if you have someone you would like me to put on it leave the name and what they need pray for on the comments  at the bottom of the blog.


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