Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have to share this with you tonight because this is how fast God can answer a pray and let you know you are on his path.

When I sat down last night to write my blog, I bowed my head in pray and ask God if I should keep going with this, is any out there even reading these things or am I just sharing them with him. I asked him to let me know if I should keep going forward with this and to let me know in a way that I would know for sure the answer was from him and they were really touching someones life.

Let me tell you all.... it can across loud and clear when I checked my email last night when I was done and I had received a email from my Uncle Bruce. He wrote to tell me that he has been reading my blog since I sent him the url in a chritmas card and he was happy to hear that I was working for God's Kingdom. He also asked for my phone number so he can call and talk with me, which was a answer to an earlier prayer because I had ask God before to give me the oppertunity to sit and talk with my uncle. My Uncle Bruce is a Pastor from Interlochen and I know no matter what question I ask him he will be straight with me because he knows me and my personality. He is my uncle on my dads side. I was not around most of my dads side of the family much when I was growing up, other than Uncle Bruce because he always made it a point to show up at different times in my life and always shared from his heart.

Uncle Bruce and Aunt Judy came to the Lord on a rough journey of their own and I watched what they went through. Once he accepted the Lord into his heart and life he has always been true to what he believes and has never been afaird to show it or share it with others and I have always had such deep respect for that. And when I grow up I want to be just like him :).

Thank you God for my Uncle Bruce.

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