Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Okay.... here is what I am thinking today about our little Church that sits among so many people in the middle of the city.  We really have to get people in our Church that can sing their hearts out.... really loud so that all the people in the area can hear them praising the Lord.  Maybe it could be outside in the spring, or just open the doors and window so people can hear. I know a band here in Saginaw that my son used to be in that might just be able to do the trick.  They have not done Gospel music but they are all good guys and would do it if I asked them.  I feed them for a long time when they were growing teenagers..... what do you think? 

 We need young people to bring new life into the Church and to bring more young people. The youth of today are so smart and have so much to offer if they can show their creative side.  I have a artistic side to me and I love being around artistic people because their minds work on a different wave link than ours. They tap into a part of the universe that others know nothing about. My son, the one that was in the band, went to the arts and science school in Saginaw when in was in high school and could have went on to the Detroit Art Inst. but he had other ideas for his life.  I guess he is still using the artistic side of himself  because he is the web page designer for Morley Travel here in Saginaw and he can do amazing things with web pages. 

Any way.... it's something to think about.

Keep praying for people to fill the pew's

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  1. I think you have some really GOOD ideas Betty. Music has always been a good medium to reach young people too. I'll be praying about it.