Monday, January 18, 2010


I came across this picture on the internet last night and I started wondering if there are any families that actually sit down like this together for dinner.

I know when I was a kid growing up it never happened in my house. The only time we got together at a table was when we had a lot of family together, I mean like 4 or 5 famlies that had 6 kids each. With that many in the house, only the adults got to set at the table, the kids either sat on the floor and ate standing up. One thing adults never did with the kids was talk with them, they were either yelling at us or would talk at us, but never talked with us..... 

Now when I grew up and had my two sons, we ate at the table a lot when they were young, we even had a lot of candle light dinners. As they got older we were in front on the tv. Even though we did not sit around the table and eat together we still spent a lot of time talking with each other. We had a lot of great conversations about everything and every topic. I was the kind of mom that was not shy about talking with my sons about life. I can not even imagine people not talking with the kids.

When I was young I used to just sit and listen to the adults talk, of course all I had to judge the world by was my family. I always knew the way they seen things in life was not correct but it was not until I was older that I could understand they were doing the very best they knew how to do with the limited knowledge they had. Back then most of them only went through school to the 6th grade because they needed to help work the farm. Every thing they knew came from the people around them within a few miles. Because of coming through the great depression and the wars, they were a fearfull bunch of people. They were not church goers at all and thought the ones that did go to church were crazy for believeing in something they could not see. And those same people were the ones that taught me how to believe in the spirit world.....  I know it all sounds a little crazy....  when I look back at all of them I have to love the people they were. We had a lot of bad times and we had a lot of good times. Even through all the craziness they were still all there for each other no matter what. That is....  when they were not trying to beat each other up, steal from one another or lieing about one another....  what a wonderful life it was...  :)  God Bless everyone of them, because I learned so much from them.  Most of them are gone now, but will always be in my heart.

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  1. Our families - gotta love 'em. We always ate at the table when I was a child, but the adults still talked at us or told us to be quiet, so I think part of it was a part of our poor lower middle class society's attitude toward children. Children were to seen but not heard. And - I think my children are doing better than I did - so I hope things are getting better.