Thursday, January 7, 2010


I attended the funeral of my cousin Cindy's husband Barry today. She did a slid show presentation of his life.  As I sat and looked at all the pictures, the reality of how fast a persons life goes by was so surreal....  all the pictures of him as a child, to graduation, marriage, two children, their child hood, graduations, marriages, and grandkids. How fast time passes and the cycle just repeats itself over and over.  His grandson is only a year and a half old and one of Barry's biggest regrets was that he was not going to get the chance to teach Eli how to hunt and fish. Barry owned his own sports store in Gladwin and went on 19 hunts through the years, which I never knew. My prayers tonight are for his family, that they are able to move forward and finish life without him and that they find Peace.

Tonight I am looking back over my life, my family and all that has gone on.  Like all of you, I have good things and bad things but no matter what has happened I can not go backwards, not even for a second so the only thing that matters now is what will happen in the next minute, day, week, year.  I give Praise to God that I have found the Church I have and the Church family I now have. I knew when I made the dicision to attend Church God had a plan for me and something he needs me to do for him and I am a willing servent of the Lord.

When it is my time to go home with the Lord I pray my slide show presentation will be a wonderful as his.

Amen ......  Halleluiah  .....   Praise the Lord  ..... AMEN

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