Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Good Morning Everyone,

If God passed you on the street today, would you know him?
Would he be woman... a child......  a man....  a drug additc...  a teacher... a preacher... the president....  how would you know?

If the Devil passed you on the street today, would you know him?
Would he be a woman... a child... a man... a drug additc... a teacher... a preacher.. the president... how would you know?

Who would ask about these things and where can you find the answers????

God gives all of us a calling or mission in lfie... do you know what yours is?  Have you been asking what your reason for being here is.... what's your purpose? 

Have you been seeking out the right people to help you find the answers?  Where do you go?

Are you happy and fullfilled in your life..... or are you sad and depressed?

Is everyday a joy to you..... or do you dread it?

Are you serving and helping others or do you stay to yourself....

All these thoughts came to me this morning when I sat down to write so I am sharing them with you...  I would love to here your thoughts and comments..  sharing is caring.

I love a bless each one of you today
Love and Light

Friday, October 30, 2009


Praying through troubled times... 

Right now I know a lot of us are dealing with hard times because when money is not coming in we start giving up hope and questioning everything in our life....   we have to have money to servive in this life....

Maybe this is where Faith comes in...

What else can we do......  if we spend all our time worring, is that going to change things?

This is advise I gave to someone dear to my heart about worring.

Take the time to sit down and make two lists....  At the top of one writer MY WORRY LIST....

At the top of the second one write MY PRAYER LIST....

On the worry list write down EVERYTHING you worry about... don't leave out anything..

On the prayer list write down all the things you need to pray about...

Now here is the trick...  every time you start worring about something that is not on your worry list, go and write it down and everytime you start worring about what is on the worry list....  move that worry over to the prayer list and scratch it off the worry list because now you can pray about it and God will take care of it.

Just try it for one day and see how many things you can get off your worry list and how much better you feel.  Keep going until everything is off the worry list....  I have been doing it and it has helped me sooooo much because what I started to realizse is that the worring dosent do a thing for me... but praying seems to calm and sooth my soul.

What do have to loose by trying it for a day????????

All of you will be on my prayer list today.

Love and Light

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Good Morning,

I went to a PEP meeting at the church last night.  Wanted to check it out and see what it was all about.  The meeting consisited of Pastor Van, a mother, her four teen children, myself and five empty chairs.  I was impressed that this mother was able to keep her children all together in the church. It was obvious that they were a close family. It made me think once again of what it would have been like if I would have had my family in the church. The Pastor gave wonderful advice to the teens and made sure they knew they could bring any problem they would face in life to the church and talk about it.

The theme of the night was about Satan and the lies he is able to create to get people to do his work. The teens really undestood what was being shared. They were very eager and active in the discusion, which was wonderful to see. They are all active in service either through the church, commuity or school...  what a happy bunch of kids.

I know when I think back over my life I can surley see where I let the devil control things with me.  Like the Pastor says.... the devil has no power unless we let him have it..... how very true that is.

I guess today will be in prayer for the 5 empty chairs and everyone in my life. Also a woman from the church named Linda that has a blockage in her system she asked every one to pray for. She has faith that God can heal it.

I ask that everyone take a couple of minutes today to just say a pray for someone you know needs it and for yourself.

God be with you today


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sue Piper's Blogg

Check out Sue's Blogg

Devine Intervention

Good Morning,

I talked with one of my dear friends last night.  We became friends 30 years ago when our sons started kindergarden together.  We had a few rough years where we did not speak because of something that was done.  We have since talked about it and forgiven each other and know we still and always have loved one another.  All things happen according to God's plans and so that must have been a lesson for both of us to change and grow.

I have to share with you how God works in my life...  One day about 3 years ago I was talking with Alvin about my friend and what had hapened to us to create the seperation....  he listened with a open heart and when I was done he said to me....  Betty, that is your friend and what she did does not mean she deserves a life sentence, don't you think she has been punished long enough.  Wow, did that ever go right to the heart because he was so right.  I thought for a moment and then said to him...  I guess if it is meant to be that her and I come together again (because I had no idea where she was at) it will have to be a devine intervention from God.  It was a week later and God put her on my door step....  Thank YOU! 

This same thing has happened to me with other people when ever I have said that it has to be a devine intervention if it is meant to be...  It just proves how God works in our lives. 

Keep praying and asking if you have something in your life that God needs to create a devine intervention for.

Remember God says .....  all you have to do is ask.

And have Faith!

God Bless You and Have A Light Filled Day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Searching for a purpose

I have heard from a lot of you about my blogg...  so I know it is being read...


I see that more than Sue and I are involved in Churches and doing volunteer work.  We are all searching for a purpose or a way to give and share. I have a few good ideas that I will share later on with all of you...  you know me, my mind is always working on something.

I would like for the ones that are reading the bloggs to share in the comment section of my blogg so that the other women reading will hear what you have to share with me. This way we will all be connected.... and that is what this is all about.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank God For Sue

This is Sue, she spent the weekend with me and we were able to get her webpage up and running.  So lets keep track of what she has to say and share.  Of all us women that have been friends forever she is the one that I would have never believed would be the one that helped me turn to God....  guess God put her in my life for a huge reason.... 

Sue, Alvin and I went to here aunts church here in Saginaw...  what a wonderful group of people.  They are all so welcoming and the pastor gave a great sermon on Satan.  How Satan only has power if we give it to him in our life....  that is so true.

I encourage all of you to find a church and attend, God will help you with the rest.

Friday, October 23, 2009

All Roads Lead To Heaven or _______.

Good Morning,

Before I went to sleep last night I prayed that God would show me more of how I can be of service to him and help people....  Let me tell you....  That really created some crazy dreams.  I guess tonight I need to pray that he makes the dreams more understanding.  Because I dreamed that Alvin, Sue and I were on vacation and it was like be on the tv show survival....  maybe he showing me what it is going to be like in the future...

For those of you who have not read   The Purpose Driven Life   I suggest that you do.  If you are not involved in a church, don't get bent out of shape when you start reading it because it is based around being more a part of your church.  Just read it with a open heart and mind, it has a lot of good positve living lessons. 

So many of us have been turned off by the churchs and what they teach for so many different reasons.  I know for me personally it has been because I don't have trust in the people running them.  I don't like the stories of men in the churches hurting our children.  I don't like the back stabbing and so much more.....

However, at this age I can see how the youth of our generations are turning to drugs and other things that destroy them, as have a lot of the parents.  Somehow we have lost our way in life....  I think that once our families started to sperate from one another in the search for a better life and more money....  we have lost the the closeness and community of family.  And now that we are so educated and know so much we are searhing for something to fill that void..... I know when I was a kid growing up and my family all lived on the same road, that was a huge community and we all looked out for one another.  And with that many adults around we could not get away with anything.  It was a hard life in so many ways and they all had their own issues to deal with, but as children we always knew we were safe.  My family like so many others broke up because they to were looking for a better life and more money.  I can tell you today from talking to so many of them, if they could go back to that road and way of life, they would.

I was watching the show on tv the other day where Franklin Gharm, Billy Ghram's son, he was doing the Crusade (revival) called... Rock On The River...  which was in  all the big cities along the Mississippi river.  It was like a big rock concert for the young..... they were packed...  all those young people are searching for something they are not getting, like so many others in the world.  BUT,  most of us are not looking to God to help us fill the spot that only he can.  We all have a calling inside of us that is searching for WHAT?  we don't know because we are still searching.  I am going to pray about this for all of us. 

Just remember no matter who you are or what you are doning.....  all roads in life only lead to HEAVEN.... or ______.  

Have a heartfelt day

God bless all of you


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yes ladies God has put this in my heart, so get ready!  I had to think about it and pray on it for a few days. This is what he has shown me..


So, I figure we might as well do it right and get the big tent and the whole thing.  I know revivals are born out of small inner circles of people praying for a change.  I don't know if it has ever been done by a group of women, but I firgure.....  WHY THE HECK NOT!
As women, it is time for us to stand up and make a change in a way that other women have not done.  I don't want it to be in a church the way so many others do it.  Let's be outside in nature, in touch with God.  A revival is all about praying for change and bringing people closer to God.....  What better way than in the woods, in nature, by a river....  are you getting the picture?   Now, all I need is some of you or all of you to jump in and help....  Life changes a day at a time and a step at a time.... take this step with me.  I want to hear your thoughts and ideas on this after you have time to pray on it.

Also, I would like our group of women to grow and start getting together for planning meetings, for the above and also I would like to put together some times that we can go out into the community and help people.  One of my ideas is for us to go into elderly peoples home and help them clean or paint or do what ever they might need done. What are some of your idea's.  Ladies, this is a birth of a new lfie for us, it is going to be our baby..... it is up to us and God how it grows and turns out.....  share your thoughts and feelings... 

I know I have talked to all of you and so many are looking for a purpose in this life, but none of us has taken a step to change anything. I think until we put ourself out in the world nothing will change for us.  Let's pick a weekend to get together and pray and share our thoughts.

I really have to share this with all of you...  talk about God working in mysterious ways in our life.  I looked out the window and seen a red truck going back and forth in front of the house while I am sitting here typing this, it finally pulled in so I thought it was someone looking for Carl or Dave....


It was the pastor of the church here in Saginaw that I went to with Sue....  hmmmmm  wonder what that means...  maybe God is trying to tell me I am on the right track....  So....  Sue.... when you come up this weekend we will be going to church, going to see if Alvin wants to go also.....  What a blessing he was today.  I even told him I was just writting to all of you about a tent revival and going out in groups and serving....  is his stopping by chance???    I think not....

Have a great day and enjoy the rain...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Service

I went to visit my cousin yesterday in the hospital.  She is having a real struggle with her health and her spirituality...  I thank God for using me to share his word with her and to let her know how important she is and how he needs her to be in service to him.  I suggested she join a local church and ask them how she can be of service to God through them. 

Ladies, sometimes when we start feeling as though we have nothing to offer anyone that is just God letting us know we are not in service.  We need people in our lives, we need to share, by doing so it heals our heart and soul.  Woman are meant to love, touch, give, share and nurture the world.  When those things are not in our lives, we start feeling empty.  Let God help you fill those needs......  So many need what you have to offer them and eveyone needs someone.

I feel in my heart and soul that God is starting a huge movement with women, and if men don't feel it they are going to be left behind.  Women have always been the ones filling up the churches and in service for God.

Get ready Ladies you are being called to service is why you are here.

God bless each and every one of you on your journey.

I love each of you

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finding The Right Man

I was thining this morning about one of my friends and how she found God.  I have watched her over the past 35 years searching for Love through two marriages, and a handful of other men.  She has not been happy or content with any of them.  I think most of it may have been because once she got in a realtionship she bacame too clingy and needy.  She became that way because she of her need to be touched and loved by a man, but did not know how to communicate that to them.  Then one day something prompted her to go to church and in that place she has finally found the man she needs in her life, GOD.  I have never seen her happier or more content, with life, and herself.  Now, I think she will find that person God means for her to share her life with.  God wants us to be couples and share our lives.

Thanks to this friend I have started my journey with God and she is pushing me to start this ministry for helping women.  God's gift to me is being able to share with woman and to love them for who they are and where they are going in life.  All the women in my life have taught me sooooo much and now I hope we can share with all of you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a wonderful weekend


I spent some time this past weekend reading more on how to make this blogg work. I found out I have a lot to learn but it is going to be fun. My biggest decison is on how to set it up and share it with will all of you.

I talked with my Son's girlfriend, Tracy, because she has a webpage where she markets her Arabian Horse Costumes .  They are all hand made and beauitful. She makes them to order or you can buy ones she has in stock.  Check it out if you have time or send the link to someone you know in the horse world.

I also drove up to Harrison, MI this weekend to check out a motel/cabins that are for sale.  In the second half of my life I am looking to retire to my home town but still desire to keep busy and meet people.  This would be a wonderful way to do it. Also, once we get to know one another it would be a great place to meet and share our ministires with other women.  I will share more about this later as I will be going to view the property with my realtor this week. 

I am so excited

Can't wait

Have a great day and Bless each and everyone one of you

Friday, October 16, 2009

Learning never stops

Welcome Everyone,

I was reading the book today of The Purpose Driven Life, it was talking about being God's servant and the way the writter explains it is so wonderful.  Most of us have no clue how to be a servant to God because our life is so much about ourself and what we want.  We will talk more about this subject as we go along.

I spent more time at Barnes and Noble today trying to learn t how to make this bogg work.  I trust it will all start getting easier as i go along.  Really, I just need to find a smart young person that can guide me.  So far it has been fun and interesting. I want to learn how to put pics and video on here for all of you, so wish me luck.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 3

What you are is God's Gift to you; what you do with yourself is your gift to God.
Danish proverb

Good morning,

As you can see I am not very good at writting, but I am praying God will help me get better as time goes on.

I have been reading the book "The Purpose Driven Life"  which is where the saying at the top came from today.  I suggest everyone get this book and start reading it.  It has helped me in so many ways and truly is the reason I am starting this ministry.  I am being lead by a power higher than myself.

I have a dear friend named Marsha (whom you will meet later) that lives in Flordia right now but will be moving back to Michigan soon.  She was home this summer and before she went back to Flordia she gave me two gifts. One was a pair of angel ear rings and the other was a little sheep stuffed animal. I was confused when I took it out of the bag and looked at it.  She asked if I understood why she gave me the sheep.  I  looked at her and said, I have no idea.  She looked at me with her loving eyes and said, It repesents the flock of women that follow you.  I was so touched.  I put it on my bed every morning when I make it and at night I put it on my dresser so I can see before I go to sleep and when I wake in the morning.  What a wonderful gift.  Most of all, what a wonderful friend.

I pray that each and everyone of you have a friend in your life like Marsha.

Today I will spend trying to figure out more on how to use this blogg, wish me well.

Have a great day


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Journey Day 2

Welcome Everyone,

"Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ."
Galatians 1:3

I am so happy you showed up again. I have been waiting so long to share so much of my journey with women in need of loving a heart and ear to listen with.

My journey in this life as taken me in may places, and I have shared my feelings with so many women on their journey. We have laughed, cried, shared hardships, sorrow and peace.

I have some wonderful and very close friends. We have been together for more than 30 years. Many of whom you will meet through this online ministry. They all have stories of the journey they have taken and where they are at today.

We have been getting together a couple times a year for "Women's Weekends" for over 20 years now. Some times we may only have 5 or 6 for a weekend and sometimes we may have as many as 30. We come in all ages, sizes and believes, but we come together for a couple of days to share our lives and journey's with one another. It is my hope and prayer that one day many of you that are reading this now will also be able to come together with us and share your journey's.

Until that time, we will meet here until we are called into service with one another.

Have a great day full of peace and joy.