Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Good Morning,

I have spent this morning on the phone trying to deal with some problems I need to take care of and listening to people that have problems they are trying to deal with.

I think everyone in the world is going crazy.  The Devil must be working over time during these end times.  When the state can take away all your rights in correcting a child and then they do not follow through to make sure the child is protected.... what is that about.

I know when I was a kid and all my family lived on the same road, we could never get away with a thing because we had to answer to all the adults that seen us doing somehting wrong.  Now when you grow up you move away from your family and stangers then become your family and you never even get to know your own family so you have no connection to them....  I know that was not part of God's plan.  Parents have no rights, grandparents have no rights, aunts and uncles have no say so.....   and the state who wants to be in control, really don't care at all... it's just a job.  And we wonder why we have so much teenage pregnacy, abortion, drugs, murders, porn, no rules...  then when our children end up in prison we are judged as bad parents... it's a no win situation..  everyone has lost their minds...  and now they want to control the Churches...  whats next.....  the anti-christ??????? 

I will be praying for the whole world today and all of God's children.  WE NEED HELP DOWN HERE LORD.  We are sinners in the respect that we have become a ME society.  And our EGOS are so huge that we almost don't fit on this planet.  SHAME ON US AS GOD'S PEOPLE.

Let's give praise and glory to the Lord today and ask for PEACE.

I keep forgetting to put my acts of kindness on here each day, but every day God permits me to do or say something kind for someone...  yesterday it was visiting my cousin in the hospital.... today it is lending a ear to a cousin that is trying to help her grandchildren... 

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