Saturday, December 5, 2009


Give Praise To The Lord

Everything went great at Alvin's doctors app.  the cancer is not anywhere in his body but the bladder.  They are setting up the surgery date and will let us know.  They want to do it by robotics.  He is a very happy man now.

Also, some good news on Charlie, the one on life support.  The lung doctor said he is starting to respond to the what they are doing for him and as long as things keep going in a healing direction he will be in the hosp. for about 2 or 3 months before they think about giving up on him....  so thank you for the prayers and keep them coming.

Every day I look around me and see all the miracles that God does in some many different ways.  I think people have little miracles happen every day in their lives but they miss them because they are so busy looking for the....  walk on water type thing to happen.  Even in the things that happen to us that are bad something goods seems to come even through those.  Just listening to everyone share stories in PEP groug you can see how God has worked in so many different ways just to get all of us together in that Church, in that basement, in that PEP group, on that Wen. night..... every thing happens for a reason because God does not make a mistake....  I am looking forward to seeing what our lives crossing with each other will bring for each one of us.  Thank God for Pastor Van and God moving in ways that put him in Saginaw...  because even though we both lived in St. Louis at the same time and he was the Pastor of the Church of God....  I never meet him then, but here we are both in the Saginaw area and we are brought together... for a reason I am sure.  God moves in mysterious ways sometimes to get us to serve him in ways that he needs and he is always right on time.

God Bless Each Of You

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