Saturday, December 19, 2009


When you are in prayer as Jesus is here, do you feel as though a angel is standing over you also?  I can tell you from deep in my heart that many times I have not felt God with me in prayer, and even questioned if God was out there at all. Then I would think of all my whinning and crying about the things in my life that seemed so difficult at the time and I knew it could never compare to what Jesus must have went thur here on earth in the short 33 1/2 years he walked this earth. How do we even have the right to complain and not do what God wants us to do for him, when he willing gave his only begotten son for US, to pay for our sins in advance. I would say that God is the one that came up with the Pay It Forward concept. We could never give what he gave for us, yet, most of us are still not willing to Pay It Forward for him. What is wrong with us, why do we find this so hard?  All we have to do is follow his lead in the dance of life and he will never forsake us.  We can not say that about most of the people around us here on earth.

Maybe tonight when you are bowing your head in prayer, you could ask God how you can Pay It Forward for him....

Love and Light

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