Thursday, December 17, 2009


I believe with all my heart that if one door is closed in your life, God will open another one for you.  Just think of all the things that have happened in your life and I am sure at the time you could not understand why  something in your life was ending, but down the road when God opened another door, it all made since.

For me I had to walk through the doors of the Church before I was able to close the door behind me. God just did it another way for me.  He knew I would not close the door unless he could show me where I needed to be of service. I give him all the Praise and Glory for knowing what I needed and the patience to wait.  He always kept me safe from the devil, I give him Praise for that also.  I don't know where he will lead me now, but I am ready to find out.

One thing I know for sure in this life is, if you want to know where a persons heart is and where there love and devotion is....  look at what they spend there money on...  look at your life and ask your self where do you spend your money, because that is what your true love is....  for some it is, drugs, alcohol, gambling and others it is expensive cars, homes, jewerly, clothes, ect...  if you just think about what people have in life and value you will see what that persons love truly is. No matter what they say it is.... the money trail is the proof.  And if God is truly your love and devotion, is that your money trail.........  No matter what we want to think in this life, money makes the world go round, not the love of money, that is for the devil.....  but money it's self makes the world go round.  So in your Church, where ever that may be...  show where your money trail leads.  I know this may make some of you uncomfortable to hear and think about, but if you are a member of anything, you should be doing whatever it takes to make it work.  No one should ever have to ask you or tell you what it takes....  just pray about it and God will show you what to do.  If we truly believe that we are here to do God's work, then that means helping other people and being disciples for the Lord.  Another thing I know for sure is that God does not let you take a u-haul to heaven, so all the things you are trying to aquire and accumulate here will stay here when you go home with the Lord.  We put so much meaning on material items that it insane when you think about it.  We hold on to things because they belonged to so and so, we hold on to them because we might need them some day....  for what ever reason we get weighted down with things...  why in the world do we do this???????  Let's for get about things... and just try and help one another.  I know when I am taking my last breaths, I am not going to be thinking about my things, I am just going to be thinking about the people I love and praying that God be with them and keep them safe until we meet in heaven. 

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  1. You have had some very inspirational blogs in the past couple of days. Amen.