Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I hope this candle is of some comfort at this busy time of year.  The time for peace on earth and good will toward man.
In years past, when things were simpler and slower it was much easier to have good will toward man, now days it is all so hard with everything that is going on in the world.  This christmas I am going to ask God to step up to the plate and take some of satan's power from him, just for a little while so we can catch up and take a breath.  Thanks to Eve we are having to work double time in this life and I think everyone is getting tired out.  Nothing is ever enough, you can not earn enough, help enough, do enough, please enough, say your sorry enough, tithe enough..... enough is never enough.  To many of us are wrapped up in the me and trying to figure out how to survive that enough is never enough.  Noel feels like, Not Offering Enough Love and it should feel like Now Offering Enough Love. 

 SO..... next year I am going to work on making things more positive and I hope I can help others around me do the same thing.  I am the type of person that really does love life and being here everyday, but if it is true and we really are headed into the end times like Revelations talks about then 2010 should be spent in getting prepared.  Getting right with the God. I don't know about you but I want to go in the Rapture, no way do I want to stay around for the bad stuff, I am too old and tired to deal with all that struggle. 

SO...  this is going to be a busy year for me, I have a lot of major work to do on myself and those around me.  I plan to be in service to God and my church as much as possible this year and pray that I can make a difference for someone and can help lead more than one to the Lord.  Our Church has a lot of pews that need people in them, so that is my goal, to see how many I can fill up by the end of 2010.  Wish me luck and pray for me, it's a big undertaking but someone has to do it and I am willing.  I mean how hard can it really be (think positive)  if you think of all the people in the area.  They just don't know yet that they need God in their life and that he is waiting to accept them and become the savior they need in their heart.

Okay now don't take this the wrong way but....  I am always kidding my friend Sue that she needs to get her a stripper pole and stand on the corner so she can get a man, so now I have a new idea, as long as she is going to be on the corner anyway... she might as well hand out tracks, hey you never know, that may be the way she gets the right man...  LOL....  God moves in mysterious ways. Let's all pray for her, all kidding aside, she is a wonderful lady and so deserves to have a God loving man to share her life with.

Next year I am going to be asking all of you to share your story with me as to what has lead you to the place you are at in your life right now and how you came to read my blogg.  Also, what things you would like to me to share on here.

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