Monday, December 21, 2009


I hope when we see God coming back in the clouds that it will look like this picture. I could not even imagine seeing this, my heart would fill with such Praise and Glory.

Yesterday in Church I could feel the spirit of the Lord filling the building and the people.  It was a wonderful service and the Praise team did a great job.

Pastor Van continues to talk about the changes that will be coming in the Church in 2010 and every time he talks about it I can feel the energy in the Church changing. I don't know what all it will be but I know it is going to be a good thing for all of them. I am just happy to be in the Church for whatever time I still have here in Saginaw.  I know the Lord is leading me to be in service in another area and I am ready. My heart will always be connected to this Church and the people in it.

I know from today forward we are all preparing for the end times and being with the Lord. If we are still here on this earth we still have work to do for the Lord because at this point I don't think anything  we do from now on has to do with us.  If we truly have... faith... we are protected. Now it is just what we can do for him and the rest of his children here on earth. It's not about a building, not even a Church, it is about God's children, nothing more, nothing less. If you know your faith is true, then it is not about you, it's only about servie to God.

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