Sunday, December 6, 2009


Blue is the color of the throat

I seen this picture on the internet and it made me think of all the colors that are around our body and the part colors play in the world.  Advertisers are well aware of the way colors affect us and use then every day to intice us to buy their products.  I have studied colors and the affects they have on us... so if anyone wants to tell me what color they like I will tell you what it says about you and it will help you become more aware of how we are attracted to products we buy.  Also look in your closet and see what color most of your clothes are....  that says something about you also.  If you want to share it with me I will tell you what they mean.

Today was a uplifting day at Church.  The spirit of the Lord was present and people's hearts were open and faces were bright with smiles.  Love is in the air. 

I guess the reason that colors are on my mind today is because as I sat in Church I was looking around at the walls to see what the colors in the church are saying.....  they do need some changing.  The Pastor says that this next year is going to bring a lot of changes to this little Church and I do hope I am still here and can help as much as the Church needs me.  It is all in God's hands.

May God use you today to do his work and help someone.

Love and Light

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