Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Winter of 08 in my house in Harrison

I was looking at this picture this morning and asking myself if I really want to move back to Harrison because winter in that area is not like it is in Saginaw.  Winter from Clare up is a whole nother culture and it is survival of the fittest, you need to count on your neighbors.  I remember the first winter in that house, we almost froze to death because we moved in at the end of October 04 and did not have time to prepare for it. That winter brought a lot of snow, thank God I had a walk behind snow blower.  The next year our neighbor up the road who had a back hoe kept the driveway plowed and a lot of times he had to plow the road out front or no one would have got out.  Living 5 miles out of town means you are going to wait for a few days for the snow plow to come by. Even with that...  the winters were so beauitful.  The deer are so plentaful in the Harrison area.  We had apple trees in the back yard and side yard that the deer would come to eat, I loved watching them.  One night I looked out the back window and a deer was sleeping curled up on top of the septic tank cover, must of been warm, he looked up at me but never run away.

That following summer Alvin had a Pheasant that follwed him around the yard when he would be outside.  It was so funny to watch because he would be right behind Alvin and when Alvin would stop he would stop and if Alvin looked back at him he would just look the other way and wait for Alvin to start moving again.  Alvin decided to see if he could get him to follow him up to the house, and he did.  He made it to the patio and Alvin said.... he don't know he is going to end up in a cooking pot....  I looked at the little guy and said.... Run buddy... save yourself... he is going to eat you...  and he just kind of walked off.  The next day he was back again following Alvin around.  I wish I would have taken a picture. No, Alvin never did eat him.

I have made the decision to stay in Saginaw for the winter and put my house here up for sale in the Spring.  I just can not stand the thought of moving in the cold. So, since I will be here I am going to ask the Pastor how I can help be of service to the Lord through the Church. I feel that is a calling I have at this time.  Pastor Van says every week that big changes are coming in the Church this next year, so I hope to be a part of them if needed.

Give Praise to the Lord

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  1. I loved this place the one and only time I was there. So peaceful and serene.