Friday, December 11, 2009


I was thinking yesterday about the gentleness of Jesus and this picture shows it.  I am sure he had such a gentle spirit that even that lamb could feel it.  I sit in silence and prayer sometimes and wonder if anyone is this gentle.  Our world is so full of loud everything. Our music is loud, our songs our loud, our colors are loud, our speach is loud, the world is loud.....  how can we even hear or feel what God has to say to us with all this going on around us?  do any of us really take time EVERY day to just sit and listen?  I know we try, but do we really do it?  I know for most of us the minute our eyes open in the morning our mind is off and running mentely and when our feet touch the floor we are off and running physically. Even during this time of year when we claim to be thinking and doing for the birth of Christ......  our focus is more on EVERYTHING other than him.  I wonder what it would feel like to sit in Church all day with other believers to pray, share, and give God just one full day of our time.  If I was ever to have a church it would be open 24/7 so that people knew they could come anytime day or night to pray and share what was in their hearts.  I know you can be with God anywhere, but sometimes you just need to get out of your surroundings for awhile and pray.  I guess it would be like going to visit a friend, have a cup of coffee and just unload your heart.  The coffee and cookies would always be ready along with an open heart and mind for listening and praying with whomever God brought through the door.

This is just me thinking about what I could have used through the years to help me.

Love and Light

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  1. I understand what you mean and how you feel about what you could have used through the years. It would've been helpful to me also to have a non-judgemental and loving place and/or person to go to and to talk to. Today I use my pre-bedtime hour to be by myself and meditate and pray and read. I got in this habit because I couldn't go to sleep at night or stay to sleep if I did go to sleep. It helps to put yourself in God's hands.