Thursday, November 5, 2009


Good Morning,

Last night at the Church PEP meeting the decision was made to help a family in need for Thanksgiving and for the Christmas Holidays.....  This is what Church and Gods people are all about.  Through this act of giving I feel we will all be touched by the heart of God.

When I was a kid I lived in Lansing at the time and was attending the Sout Baptist Church.  At Thanksgiving the Church people delivered us a basket of food. My step dad was so upset about it because he was a proud man and did not want help from anyone.  He made them take it back.  At the time I could not understand it all, as I got older I did understand because I got to know my step dad better....  he just felt he was the man of the house and it was his job to provide for his family and was not going to let someone else do his job.  He worked at Oldsmobile at the time and was off work with a back injury but still would not take help.  Since my parents did not attend church with us, one of us kids must have said something to someone at church that made them feel we needed help.  I have to tell you that when a person from the Church came to my house, it was not a good thing because my step dad did not believe in God or the Church and he loved to argue with them.  I am sure they went back and did a lot of praying for him, as they should have.  With all of his wierd ways of thinking... and he had many... he was still a great dad. I thank God for him every day, even now that he has passed to the other side. 

Let us pray for all the families in the world right now that are having a hard time making ends meet and are in need of so many things.....

Love and Light

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