Saturday, November 7, 2009


This was my yesterday.....

After I wrote on here yesterday I got around and headed up to Harrison to have lunch with Faith.  Faith started out being the realtor that listed my house for sale in Harrison.  From the first day that I spoke with her there was a connection, like we had known each other forever.  She sold my house and I moved back to Sagainaw but we never lost touch.  While in Harrison we never talked about the closeness we felt, but through emails we started talking and became friends. 

All the way to Harrison yesterday I was praying that God would let me create a Miracle for someone...  Faith and I had a nice lunch and wonderful conversation. There is so much about us that is alike.  I always look forward to spending time with her. 

To me, nothing really earth shaking happed while we were having lunch. By that I mean I did'nt feel any miracles were taking place.  We talked a lot about God, the church in Saginaw, her faith and believes and that she would like to find a church that she felt comfortable going to.  She wants to belong to one that accepts everyone no matter who or what they are in this life.

I stopped and seen my sister while I was in Harrison and dropped off a care package, not much new going on there......   Got to see Jodie and Danny while visiting Rita and Barry.

I drove out on Polk Ave. where I grew up north of town just to check and see if anything is new.... they are re-doing a old trail out in that area and making it a road now.  I have no idea why.  Went by the old school house.  I love that school house.  When I was a kid the family that owned it was from Detroit and had about 8 kids, I think. Most of my family lived on Polk Ave. at the time, we were like a pack of wild Indians and there was a lot of us kids.  Every time Henery and Beterice came up they would ring the school bell to let us know they were up,  us kids went running from where ever we were because they always brought us candy.  I loved that school house so much I always said when I was little that when I grew up I was going to buy it and make it my Church. ..... 

Anything is Possible

This is my Church some day when God is ready for me to have it.

I used to spend many days as a little girl on that pourch, praying and singing (thank God it is way out in the country and no one couldl hear me singing)  and pretending everyone was going to show up for church and we would go inside.  Strange thing though, I have never been inside of it.

Getting back to yesterday....  I headed back to Saginaw and all the way I was asking God what happened to the the Miracle thing he was suppost to help me do....  no answer..... I said, well the day is not done yet... so we still got a chance....  no answer...

Once I got home and got the laundry done, bed made, and something to eat, I sat down to pray.  Once again I asked God where was the Miracle for the day????  no answer.

I then decided to accept that it was not meant to be that day.....  I got on the computer to check my messages and I had one from Faith....  she had been reading my blogg from the morning.... this is what she wrote....

  Thank You Betty,  You fed my spirit, my mind and my body. I would say your mission was accomplished.....  so I guess sometimes we don't even realize when we create a Miracle for someone. That made my heart and spirit so happy....  Thank you Faith for being YOU.

While on the computer my friend Aleta came on to talk with me.  I was telling her about going to Church in Saginaw and that the Pastor used to be out in St. Louis.  She asked his name and I told her Pastor Van.  She asked a few more questions and then told me her oldest Son,  Tim Erskin used to go to his church in St. Louis and thought the world of Pastor Van and the the Pastor was the reason that Tim went to bible college in Tulsa, OK....  and he still lives in Tulsa and goes to Church at the college....  Tim can now become a Minister himself but don't feel he is ready yet......  wonder what is holding him back.  It is such a small world when you find out you have connections with people through other people...  makes me wonder why God has me in this Church in Sagainaw at this time.....  time will tell.

Love and Light

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  1. Betty, you are always a blessing to everyone you talk to. Thank you for telling me about Pastor Van's being in Saginaw. I don't know if Pastor Van realizes it or not, but Tim looked up to him as a mentor and surrogate father and he was a large infuence in his young life.
    God bless.