Sunday, November 8, 2009


As I sat in Church this morning listening to the Pastor talking about the changes that were coming to the little Church of God here in Sagianw,  it was as if the entire Church filled with God's Angel's...  I could feel the presents of the heavenly father and his light of love.  We here in the human flesh are usually not accepting of changes because we fear the unknown.  The spiritual movement that is present in the world today with all the Mega Churches that are coming out of the ashes are ushering in a change like we have never known before.  Those Mega Churches are filled with young and old, lot's of singing and dancing and most of all.....  Praise for the Lord! Our young today want to jump and shout.....  and we need to let them.  Our young is what keeps us going in every area of this human life.  I just pray that they have learned to let the past go and not hold them back because we need them to move us forward.  Just because they do not look the way we think they should or act the way we think they should does not mean they are not going to lead us into the future....  believe it or not they are very spirtual beings and just as full of God's DNA as we older ones are.... everything is God's plan no matter what we want to think and the youth are doing just fine.  The Bible tells us that they we will go against us, and they are.... that is all part of God's plan also. At this point I guess it is just important that each one of us makes sure we have our hearts straight with God.  I know I want to go in the Rapture....  I don't want to stick around for the rest.

This is just my way of thinking and how I feel about things......  none of us are perfect and we are all doing the best we know how to do...... one minute at a time, one day at a time, one life at a time.  God has give each and eveyone of us a live time to accept him as our Lord and Savior, either we are with him, or we're not, but no one makes that decision for us but US. God knows no matter what we aquire here on earth, we don't get to take a U-Haul to heaven with us.  In our dieing moments (if we are lucky to have those moments) we are not thinking about the material things we are leaving..... we are things about the ones we love and will miss.....  so why not think that way every day?

Love and Light

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