Friday, November 20, 2009

The House of Hope

Ok, so I never made it out of the house yesterday to get my cards, however I will do it today.  Even thou I did'nt make it out of the house yesterday I was able to do my act of kindness and share God.

A friend of mine was having problems with one of the many gov. agency so we spent time on the phone getting things taken care of.  Thank God I have a cousin that could tell us what we needed to do....  and it was all taken care of and she felt much better...  Thank God.

While she was here we were able to talk about the Church and God.  It started out by me asking her if she thought her teenage daughter would like to go to the pep group at Chuch with me on wen. nights....  she would be a great asset to the group.... but..  she has a class she has to take on wen. nights so she can graduate in the spring...  so...  i will she if she wants to go to Church with me one Sunday. 

I found out that my son Scott and his fiance talk about the bible a lot. My children were not raised in the Church but we always talked about God and his best friend was in a Church family so Scott did attend with his friend and went to bible camp in the summer.  I am going to ask him and his family to go to Church with me on Christmas, have to start somewhere.

Alvin and I will not be in Church on Sunday because we are going to Harrison to meet with the realtor to look at the house again and Scott and Tracy are going with us to see it.  They know I am buying it to turn it into The House Of Hope and The Chapel Of Hope.  I want them to be a part of it because once I am gone I would like them to carry it on, they are very interested. I sure will be able to use my sons help getting things put together. It's all part of God's plan and everything is falling into place.  The House Of Hope will be just that, a place that people can come any time, 24/7, when they feel they have no hope and need help getting back on track. Life does not run just 9 to 5 or Sunday mornings so God has put it in my heart to have a place that is always open for people to come to and feel safe.  I know there has been times in my life that I needed such a place and had no where to turn, so I know others need the same thing.  The door at The House of Hope will always be open.

I have a lot of family in Harrison that I know for sure will be there to help me with what ever I need which is such a great blessing.  It is the town I came from and the town I want to give back to. 

Love and Light

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  1. What a blessing this will be to the Harrison community. God bless.