Friday, November 13, 2009


Good Morning,

Sorry I have not written.  I have been out of town and forgot to post that info before I left.  I was in Lansing because Alvin had to go into the hospital and have a tumor removed from his bladder.  After the surgery the doctor came and talked to me and let me know that it is cancer, he removed it, put in a cath. until Alivn sees him on monday.  At that time he will talked with Alvin about removing his bladder or other options....  Alvin is doing real good with all of it, I think because he has not spoke with the doc. himself yet.  Monday will change the course of his life...  I just ask that all of you pray for him.... God is the only one that can create a miracle.

Now, on a lighter note....  As I was setting here praying this morning God fianlly told me what my mission is and now I am just waiting to hear where it is supposed to be.  I think it will change the way all Churches handles their ministries.  I can not reveal what it is yet, but it will be a huge undertaking and I will need a lot of help.... it will take all of us..... and  I think it will be something that you as women will want to be a part of from the ground floor...  If God puts it in your heart I know you will be a part of it. This will fill such a huge need in every community...  I will let you know what it is when God puts it in my heart to share it... it is just the beginning for all of us.

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  1. I am so sad to hear about Alvin's problems. You and he are, as always, in my prayers. God bless.