Sunday, November 15, 2009


I have thought long and hard in the past few days about cancer since Alvin is now on that journey in life.  I truly believe that it is just another word for the devil.  I guess if he can not get your soul and spirit he will go after your body. Instead of blaming the devil we some how twist it around and blame God....  It's not God's fault, he does not give it to us, I know this for sure because he is a loving God...  I do believe that even though it is the work of he devil if our faith in God is strong enough and we believe without a doubt that God can heal us...... then he can....  I can pray all I want for Alvin, but Alvin is the one that has to talk with God about it.  I do know that Alvin is a man that accepts things a day at a time and believes that people do the things they do because they are human.  He is a man that has faced many things in life that none of us could even imagine, and is still so postive about life and people and is greateful just for waking up in the morning....  and I believe he will beat the cancer once he knows that he is fighting the devil.  I will always pray for him every day on this journey he is on and be by his side.

Love and Light



  1. Faith is the key that unlocks the door, you are right. The devil is bluffer. His purpose is to deceive, frustrate and confuse you. I believe in the power of prayer to heal, but faith in the Holy Spirit is the key. Does your church have the "laying on of hands"? That would be good start. God bless. Love you.

  2. While we are talking about cancer can everyone also pray for Linda Peake she has 3-6 weeks to live her cancer is taking over