Thursday, November 19, 2009


As Thanksgiving is fast approaching it is time to start thinking about the people and things we are thankful for and start counting our blessing.

I have made the decision today that the way I am going to share the holiday with my friends and family is that I am going to the store today and buy Thinking Of You cards.  I am going to write notes in each one telling them why I am thankful for them......  I guess that must be a act of kindness for today.  So many times we are thankful for things that people do for us and we tell everyone else about it, but we never take the time to tell the person that we are thankful for.

I remember one time my step mother telling me how proud my dad was of me and the way I had turned out and that he told everyone how proud he was.....  I looked at her and said, thats nice, but it would mean more if he told me.....  she went home and told him what I said and he made a special trip from Traverse City just to tell me he was proud of me.  He told me that him nor my mother could take the credit for the way I turned out because they had nothing to do with it..... it had to be something in me that wanted to be better.  That really was not totaly ture because they both taught me all the ways I never wanted to be. I my heart I know they both did the best they knew how to do coming from what and where they came from and I am greateful for both of them.....

My act of kindness yesterday was helping my sons girlfriend get information she needs to help her daughter.

Acts of kindness can be anything, but I am finding out that by doing this I am thinking about them all the time,which I think will make me a better person.

I love all of you and bless each and everyone of you.
Love and Light

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  1. My act of kindness yesterday was to smile at our waitress and thank her for all of her wonderful service. Of course we still left a nice tip. Today's act of kindness (so far) was to give all my pets a loving pat on the head and fill up their food dishes - lol - well they thought it was a good act of kindness!!! Count your blessings, name them one by one.