Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I have to share this with you tonight.

I got a phone call from my cousin Rose in Texas telling me that her daughter in laws mom had called them to tell them about a little 5 year old boy that is dieing of cancer.  His wish is to recieve as many chritmas cards as he can before he dies.  They say he may have until Christmas, but it could be any day.  Here is his address and a chance for you to fill a childs simple wish.  Remember, my cousin Rose is the one that lost her grandson to cancer so it is all close to her heart.

Noah Biorkman
1141 Fountain View Cr.
South Lyon, MI 48178

I am sending mine out in the morning....

I am grateful that God is asking us to be a part of his wish and giving us a chance to pray for him and his family at such a painful time.

Thanks to all of you,
Love and Light


  1. I'll be glad to send out a card to this child, as soon as I find them - soon I hope. In answer to your question about my sister, yes, I still talk to her. She won't touch a computer though or it would be more often.

  2. Thank you for getting Paster Van's e-mail address for Tim. If you get a chance, give Pastor Van Tim's e-mail address.
    Oh - and he's on facebook too.