Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Good Morning Everyone,

If God passed you on the street today, would you know him?
Would he be woman... a child......  a man....  a drug additc...  a teacher... a preacher... the president....  how would you know?

If the Devil passed you on the street today, would you know him?
Would he be a woman... a child... a man... a drug additc... a teacher... a preacher.. the president... how would you know?

Who would ask about these things and where can you find the answers????

God gives all of us a calling or mission in lfie... do you know what yours is?  Have you been asking what your reason for being here is.... what's your purpose? 

Have you been seeking out the right people to help you find the answers?  Where do you go?

Are you happy and fullfilled in your life..... or are you sad and depressed?

Is everyday a joy to you..... or do you dread it?

Are you serving and helping others or do you stay to yourself....

All these thoughts came to me this morning when I sat down to write so I am sharing them with you...  I would love to here your thoughts and comments..  sharing is caring.

I love a bless each one of you today
Love and Light

1 comment:

  1. You are so right Betty. I learned long ago at my mother's knee that I should "take it to the Lord and leave it there". I haven't always followed that lesson as closely as I should have, but eventually I have always come back to it. Right now I am having a difficult challenge trying to say only positive loving things to my step-granddaughters. The Devil would have me say mean things to them about their mother, but I have told him to go away and then pray for those who would spitefully abuse me. You are on the right track Betty. Love you very much. Aleta