Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finding The Right Man

I was thining this morning about one of my friends and how she found God.  I have watched her over the past 35 years searching for Love through two marriages, and a handful of other men.  She has not been happy or content with any of them.  I think most of it may have been because once she got in a realtionship she bacame too clingy and needy.  She became that way because she of her need to be touched and loved by a man, but did not know how to communicate that to them.  Then one day something prompted her to go to church and in that place she has finally found the man she needs in her life, GOD.  I have never seen her happier or more content, with life, and herself.  Now, I think she will find that person God means for her to share her life with.  God wants us to be couples and share our lives.

Thanks to this friend I have started my journey with God and she is pushing me to start this ministry for helping women.  God's gift to me is being able to share with woman and to love them for who they are and where they are going in life.  All the women in my life have taught me sooooo much and now I hope we can share with all of you.

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