Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Devine Intervention

Good Morning,

I talked with one of my dear friends last night.  We became friends 30 years ago when our sons started kindergarden together.  We had a few rough years where we did not speak because of something that was done.  We have since talked about it and forgiven each other and know we still and always have loved one another.  All things happen according to God's plans and so that must have been a lesson for both of us to change and grow.

I have to share with you how God works in my life...  One day about 3 years ago I was talking with Alvin about my friend and what had hapened to us to create the seperation....  he listened with a open heart and when I was done he said to me....  Betty, that is your friend and what she did does not mean she deserves a life sentence, don't you think she has been punished long enough.  Wow, did that ever go right to the heart because he was so right.  I thought for a moment and then said to him...  I guess if it is meant to be that her and I come together again (because I had no idea where she was at) it will have to be a devine intervention from God.  It was a week later and God put her on my door step....  Thank YOU! 

This same thing has happened to me with other people when ever I have said that it has to be a devine intervention if it is meant to be...  It just proves how God works in our lives. 

Keep praying and asking if you have something in your life that God needs to create a devine intervention for.

Remember God says .....  all you have to do is ask.

And have Faith!

God Bless You and Have A Light Filled Day.

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  1. I think God was able to put her on your door step because you were able to forgive her with Alvin's words of wisdom. Forgiveness truly opens the doors of our hearts to allow God to move through us again. Beautiful story Betty...Thank You