Friday, October 23, 2009

All Roads Lead To Heaven or _______.

Good Morning,

Before I went to sleep last night I prayed that God would show me more of how I can be of service to him and help people....  Let me tell you....  That really created some crazy dreams.  I guess tonight I need to pray that he makes the dreams more understanding.  Because I dreamed that Alvin, Sue and I were on vacation and it was like be on the tv show survival....  maybe he showing me what it is going to be like in the future...

For those of you who have not read   The Purpose Driven Life   I suggest that you do.  If you are not involved in a church, don't get bent out of shape when you start reading it because it is based around being more a part of your church.  Just read it with a open heart and mind, it has a lot of good positve living lessons. 

So many of us have been turned off by the churchs and what they teach for so many different reasons.  I know for me personally it has been because I don't have trust in the people running them.  I don't like the stories of men in the churches hurting our children.  I don't like the back stabbing and so much more.....

However, at this age I can see how the youth of our generations are turning to drugs and other things that destroy them, as have a lot of the parents.  Somehow we have lost our way in life....  I think that once our families started to sperate from one another in the search for a better life and more money....  we have lost the the closeness and community of family.  And now that we are so educated and know so much we are searhing for something to fill that void..... I know when I was a kid growing up and my family all lived on the same road, that was a huge community and we all looked out for one another.  And with that many adults around we could not get away with anything.  It was a hard life in so many ways and they all had their own issues to deal with, but as children we always knew we were safe.  My family like so many others broke up because they to were looking for a better life and more money.  I can tell you today from talking to so many of them, if they could go back to that road and way of life, they would.

I was watching the show on tv the other day where Franklin Gharm, Billy Ghram's son, he was doing the Crusade (revival) called... Rock On The River...  which was in  all the big cities along the Mississippi river.  It was like a big rock concert for the young..... they were packed...  all those young people are searching for something they are not getting, like so many others in the world.  BUT,  most of us are not looking to God to help us fill the spot that only he can.  We all have a calling inside of us that is searching for WHAT?  we don't know because we are still searching.  I am going to pray about this for all of us. 

Just remember no matter who you are or what you are doning.....  all roads in life only lead to HEAVEN.... or ______.  

Have a heartfelt day

God bless all of you


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