Saturday, October 13, 2012


The biggest change in my life is that I have found my Native American family.   I belong to the Mackinac Bands of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians from St. Ignace Michigan. I am Indian through my Grandma on my mothers side.  I trace back to the durrant role of 1836
This is the flag of my tribe.

I will write more about all this later this week when I have more time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


God's light comes up every morning

This is a picture I took one morning from where I sat on my patio, looking out back at the neighbors goat barn, in Harrison.

This morning I am in Saginaw sitting in the living room which faces the east. As I am watching the sun come up and looking at my Aloe plant that is in the window. I got to thinking about how the plants wait every morning for the sun to come up and they automatically grow towards the light. Even Sunflowers will follow the light all day and the next morning when the sun comes up they are facing east again to follow it for another day, how amazing when you think about it.

God asks us to follow him and to be in his light also, but we spend most of our day trying to be out of the sunlight. I think the same goes with God's light, we spend most of the day being out of it. It really makes me think. We spend so much time everyday in the flesh, but how much time do we really spend each day in the spirit with the Lord. He asks us to walk with him and talk with him and he tells us we are his own. Yet, most of us are trying to walk the other way.... Why?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today was just a day of sunshine and blessings. I spent the day in prayer and reading God's Word. I had so many things speak to my heart and it made me feel good all day.  I know I can not change a thing from the past but God let me know that walking with Jesus Christ will open so many doors for me in the future  BUT  only if I am willing to share the Word with others.... and I am.....

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Walela" sings "Circle of Light". Indian mood song.


When God's Light Gets Brighter in our life we can be sure that satan is trying hard to put it out.

I am sure so many of use have experienced this in our walk with the Lord. When ever things in our life are going good, that is when the satan comes in and tries in every way to attack us. He will use anything and anybody to turn us away from the Word of God. He will put negative thoughts in our mind, or send a person to attach us.... he will stop at nothing to keep us away from the Love of God.

Some times at night when I look up at the moon I wonder, is God is looking at it with me. It is so perfect, round, bright white. I know God has to be out there some where, listening to me and watching. He knows my heart and thoughts before I do. He never see's my flesh, he only see's my heart and my spirit. I know I am a sinner and have done so many things wrong in this life that I have to ask God's forgiviness for. Yet, at the same time I am so gratefull for all I have and all that I am. I have so many blessing in my life and so many wonderful friends and family. Everyday I thank him for all my blessings.

God put on my heart today to start a Card Ministry, so every day for 365 days I am going to be sending notes to people offering blessings, prays, encourgment, thank you's and love. I will list each week the names of the people on my list and for each name you see I ask you say a prayer for that person and see how that seed of pray for someone you might not even know will sow grace in your life.

Love and Light

Monday, November 22, 2010



When I think of Thanksgiving, this is what I think of. I think of the way we came to this new world and instead of sharing with the Indian people that were already here, we killed them and took their land. That is the real thanksgiving story. And we can still call what we did as being Godly...  it's not about food and family, it was all about sharing with the Indians that we did not kill off. They are the ones that taught us how to survive here in this land. AND think of the way we still treat them today. We really should be asking for forgiveness from them for what our ancesters before us did  to them and what we are still doing. But once again we make this holiday all about us and what we want. We really are greedy people and should be in prayer everyday for what we have done to other people and most of it in the name of God. WE ARE ALL GOD'S PEOPLE.

I know at thanksgiving dinner I will be praying for the native american indians of the past, present and future.  AND for God's forgiveness. I pray you do the same.